Busy Software Customization

Busy Accounting Software is a user friendly accounting software but sometimes users requires the Busy Experts to train the staff and implementation of Busy Software as per the requirements of an organization in order to enable you to make use of BUSY most effectively. The Training part gives individuals and groups an in-depth knowledge of Financial and Business Accounting based in Busy Software.

The implementation of Busy Accounting software includes understanding the needs of an organisation and configuring BUSY accordingly.



Maintaining financial records of a company is a Herculean task as a small error can quickly turn into a catastrophe. To maintain and keep track of all financial records of a company accounting software like Busy is employed. Busy software is fast, easy and effective accounting software with a highly secured database structure. It minimizes the workload and increase the overall work efficiency of the financial department of any company. It is an integrated accounting package developed for small and medium sized business organization.

Excellent Softwares is a Channel Partner of Busy accounting package. The Busy business accounting software comes in three version- Basic, Standard and Enterprise. The Basic package is designed for micro and small scale business houses; the Standard package is designed for small and medium sized organization and the Enterprise edition is for large scale organization. The Basic package is a single user variant whereas the Enterprise edition and the Standard are available in three variants – single user, multi user and client server. The different versions are available with optional modules to suit specific requirements of every business needs. Excellent Softwares isn’t just the authorized Channel Partner of Busy accounting software but also of other Busy products like BUSY Payroll, Busy Bar Code Printing Software, and Busy Customer Service Management Software. We also provide additional services to clients like BUSY Customization, BUSY Data Synchronization and BUSY Implementation.
Some of the prominent features of Busy Accounting package are:

  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Inventory management for multiple location
  • Purchase order and sales order processing
  • Multiple company accounting
  • State wise sales tax reporting
  • E-mail and SMS integration
  • State wise VAT returns
  • User configurable document and order processing

At Excellent Softwares we have always helped our clients manage their business with the best technology and best software. Busy is a modern day cutting edge accounting package that helps financial analysts analyze data and generate financial reports in a much easier and effective way.

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